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About Maxson Precision Tooling:

Maxson Precision Tooling Corp. has been a world class mold-making company since its  founding in 1985. Maxson employs a team of expert tooling engineers and skilled moldmakers.


Many overseas customers also choose to carry out pilot production through Maxson before shipping the final mold, which means they also provide molding and finishing services. Maxson has thus developed into a professional provider of integrated manufacturing services including tooling, molding, painting, printing and part assembly. 


Maxson also partners with an extensive network of technical firms that further enhances Maxson’s capability and output. These partnerships allow greater flexibility while enabling Maxson to maintain high levels of quality production.


Maxson’s primary goal is to bring together a team of experts in project management, tooling, plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing to provide customers with 100% satisfaction in engineering and quality.

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