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Quabbin Sales and Engineering LLC is your contact with Maxson Precision Tooling based in Taipei Taiwan.
We are available during standard US business hours. We can review part designs, mold designs, or discuss any related engineering specifications.
All mold components are manufactured using US or European standard Steels. 
Our molds can be build either to the metric or Imperial measurement system. 
We build with all major international suppliers of hot runner systems. 
All molds are sampled and approved before shipment. There is no charge for plastic materials sourced locally in Asia for samples. 
Quabbin Sales and Engineering is ITAR registered to do category 1 firearms and related plastics with Maxson.
More about Maxson
Company owner Paul Horak has been representing Maxson Precision Tooling since 2005.
Before founding Quabbin he worked for GE plastics, GNF Industries, Cavallero Plastics, and Batfeld. He graduated from UMASS Amherst with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1989. Prior to getting his degree he was self employed as a plastic injection mold designer. 
Paul is a proud veteran of the United States Navy and lives in Western Massachusetts.  In his free time he enjoys fishing, boat building and woodworking.
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